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c( Two Cats ) Fantasy Singing & Humming Gestures

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New Release: Fantasy Neko Ears

c( Two Cats ) Fantasy Neko Ears Poster

neko ears snap edit small

Brief overview of features:

◈ Unique, painstakingly crafted mesh ears
◈ Fuzzy!
◈ Texture/tint HUD with 9 presets, including 9 base textures, and easy to use tint HUD
◈ Even greater customization potential when edited manually:
◈ 5 separate tintable sections for fuzz
◈ Inner and outer ear can be tinted separately
◈ Ear rotation HUD included with four positions to choose from for each ear individually
◈ Non-rigged mesh (easy to adjust!)
◈ Mod/copy (scripts are no mod, and it might show up as no mod in inventory)
◈ 1 land impact!
◈ Easily add piercings manually or whatever other accessories you wish
◈ These are unisex
◈ Although these are labeled as neko (cat) ears, they can also be used for many other animal types.
◈ Included backup (in a box)
◈ Can fit any size of avatar–from petite to mega by just normal use of the SL editing tools.
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c( Two Cats ) Apocalypse Fall Collection Preview

Via Flickr:
Products will come as follows:
(these are just examples)

One Parka:
* Texture Change: Parka, Trim, Belt, Belt Loops, Inside Fur
* Colors: Brown, Green, Black, Grey, Blue

One Tee:
* Multiple Shirt Design Choices
* Washed and Dirty Versions of each shirt design

More to come!~

c( Two Cats ) Glasgow Horns Poster

Via Flickr:
We just released a cool set of new horns!

On with the features:

◈ 15 textures
◈ Modifiable/tintable/resizeable
◈ 1 land impact
◈ Texture change HUD
◈ Non-rigged mesh (can be edited)
◈ Custom specular and normal map materials applied*

*Requires a viewer with materials enabled and the graphics hardware to enable advanced lighting.

Come check out a demo!