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New release! Nekomimi gestures!

Now available @ c( Two cats one Cup )


Two new releases!

We have two new releases at c( Two Cats one Cup )!

Northern Collar (mod/copy): This collar is non-rigged mesh, has 1 land impact, and comes with a scripted and unscripted version. The scripted version uses the base OpenCollar system (license and instructions included).

Belly Lies Beneath the Sword Brand (Bond maid brand): This brand comes in all possible clothing layers and includes a fresh brand texture as well as a scarred brand texture. Both are easily tintable to suit a variety of skins easily.

c( TC ) Northern Collar Poster
c( TC ) Northern Brand poster

TP to c( Two Cats One Cup )

c( TC ) Launch items!

Here are the items available at c( Two Cats one Cup ) so far! We’ve just opened so we’ll have more out soon. The marketplace shop isn’t quite updated yet, but we’ll be working on that and fancifying the blog a bit today hopefully!

c( Two Cats ) Gamer Aprons (Coming Soon!)

c( TC ) Neko Stripes Poster c( TC ) Dirt Overlays Poster

Teleport to the main shop!

c( Two Cats one Cup ) now OPEN!

Via Flickr:
We’ve decided to go ahead and open c( Two Cats one Cup)! This is a collaboration shop between Ingkeu of Bobtails!~ and Sei of {Lemon Tea}. We have a few things available so far, and will be adding new items soon!