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Fantasy Faire is OPEN!

Lemon Tea

Fantasy Faire is here! I am extremely tired so I’m doing a quick post with all the new stuff and RFL things:

New releases are only at Fantasy Faire for the duration of the event, but will move to the main shop afterwards.

RFL items are available only during Fantasy Faire!

Because there is so much stuff from both Lemon Tea and Two Cats, I am just mooshing it all into one list. @_@

New releases:
{Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail Poster
{Lemon Tea} Wood Elf Ears poster
c( TC ) Touche Earrings
c( TC ) Elixir Jewelry
{Lemon Tea} Filum Horns
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Normal Version
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Gorean Version
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Fantasy
c( Two Cats ) Hoot Owl Plushies
Friendship is Magic Friends Pose
Magical Poses - Advertisement
Miqo'te Poses Advertisement (Final)

RFL items:
{Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail RFL Poster
c( TC ) Touche Earrings RFL poster
c( TC ) Elixir Jewelry Glass RFL
{Lemon Tea} Filum Horns Ethereal
{Lemon Tea} Aithein Wings

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Fantasy Faire Prep Week: Day 2

❤ Get Inked ❤


Every day. Yeah, I lived up to that one quick huh?

Wanna know how out of sorts the Faire has had me? When I made the last post… I thought it was already Monday. I was a day ahead of myself. Ah well. We’re back to the daily blogging grind right? RIGHT?!

Right. I would have blogged yesterday, but you see, I was bit out of sorts. Monday night captivated me on Livestream for 12 making Owl Plushies, and sorting out the rest of my pose posters and stuff. …Descriptive, I know.

I had started streaming somewhere around 10pm Monday night, and finished streaming around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Soon after, to relieve the stress and pressure from the previous night my Husband treated me out to Sushi. Upon the return home I crashed for six hours, woke up around 4pm, and was up until 3am working on Fantasy Faire stuff yet…

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Fantasy Faire Prep Week: Day 1

❤ Get Inked ❤


For the last two years the event that has stolen my heart in Second Life has been Fantasy Faire. The immersive and gorgeous sims each ranging with their own fantasy theme. The exclusive products. The quality designers, events, and activities. Its enough to put stars in ones eyes for the entire eight day span of the Faire.

This time last year I was visiting the faire wondering what it would be like to be one of those many Fantasy Faire designers, and how awesome it would be to take part in such an amazing event. Well, now I’m here doing it and I’m going to share with you the ups and downs, stress and joy, of being a designer in such a huge event.

This week I’m going to do a special event where I’ll be blogging each day right up until the start of the Faire. Keep in…

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Fantasy Faire: Teaser x2

Via Flickr:
Two things coming for Fantasy Faire (April 20-28)!

New mesh elf ears (with freaking 60 skin textures) and some earrings (5 metals, plus 1 limited edition glass version for RFL).