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c( TC ) GameCat – poster – pinkblue

Via Flickr:
Demo vid:

The GameCat is designed to be used easily as a decorative prop or as an attachment, and is easy to operate. Simply wear it or rez it as desired. Clicking on the device will open a menu to turn the GameCat on, off, or change how often it cycles through the included game pictures.

The animation for the GameCat does not use all the of avatar joints either, so you can easily use the GameCat while stand, sitting, or even hanging upside-down!

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c( TC ) Winter Horns Gacha – poster

Via Flickr:
Check out the Winter is Coming gacha event! I really love what we did for it. \o/

The horns have materials and look pretty cool–icy in fact. Wow. That was cheesy of me.

Woodland Thistlebrier Collar (demo vid)

Via Flickr:
Raw in-game footage, 100% mesh, materials (normals and spec), 1 land impact, will get stuck to the back of your chair.

Original collar coming soon for the Fantasy Collective event on Second Life. Includes optional OpenCollar pre-installed, and spec & normal maps for up-to-date viewers.…

Music info:
Fantasy Loop 1 (free to use) by Essa is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence (cc-by):

November’s We <3 RP – Tilting Tea Server

Another round of We ❤ RP is starting today! (4 November 2013)! This time c( TC ) has a tilting tea server. Apart from dispensing tea, this tea set is scripted to animate the actual pouring process, complete with sounds, particles, and motion. The set comes in five different colors, has a materials version as well as a version sans materials, and will rock your socks off (if you wear socks). The candle can be lit and snuffed and actually changes the textures of the set as well!

c( TC ) Tilting Tea Server (poster)

We ❤ RP:
c( TC ) Main shop (all the previous event items are available here):