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c( TC ) Potion things teaser

Things coming for this year’s Fantasy Faire.

Raw snapshot (apart from sticking the logo in the corner), shadows disabled.


Fantasy Faire is coming! And random contest!

Fantasy Faire is happening soon! Ink & I will be making some cool stuff for it! I’m actually quite excited. I don’t participate in many events, and Fantasy Faire is one of my favorite yearly happenings!

At any rate, this is a very misleading work-in-progress pic. Hmmmm.

The first person to guess what it is by Monday (18 March 2013) wins a copy of Ink’s Neko Collar of Doom.

Good luck! You’ll need it!

*cackles madly*

New release: c( TC ) Ink’s Neko Collar of Doom

We (Ink & I) are extremely pleased to announce the release of our neko collar: Ink’s Neko Collar of Doom. Contrary to the name, the collar does not cause doom whatsoever, and likely does the opposite! This collar is mesh and way cuter than the typical kitty collar. It has 20 texture options per non-metal piece as well as gold and silver metal for the two changeable metal parts. It also has a lovely jingle sound when walking, and an appropriate sound for running. The volume for sounds can be changed or turned off entirely as well.

c( Two Cats )

c( TC ) – Neko Collar WIP

Another teaser for the neko collar which should be finished soon. Not all texture options are shown here. I was just testing some color combinations.

Raw snapshot, shadows disabled.