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More Fantasy Faire preview pics!

I could not help but post more pics of what is coming to Fantasy Faire from c( Two Cats One Cup )!

c( Two Cats ) Hoot Owl Plushies
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Fantasy
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Gorean Version
c( TC ) Hearty Meal - Normal Version


c( TC ) – Neko Collar WIP

Another teaser for the neko collar which should be finished soon. Not all texture options are shown here. I was just testing some color combinations.

Raw snapshot, shadows disabled.

New Release: Homemade Shock Collar

New release from c( Two Cats One Cup )!

Ink & I are happy to announce the release of another collaboration project: the Homemade Shock Collar. Here is a brief list of features:

► OpenCollar and RLV enabled
► Mesh! ~1-2 land impact at normal size
► Five collar metals included
► Perfect for post-apocalypse themed roleplay!
► Jingling bell when walking / running (with volume control)
► Shocking invisible fence system built-in!
►► A home point and range can be set and if the user goes too far they get zapped and sent back! (requires RLV)

Check it out at the main shop!

c( TC ) Homemade Shock Collar poster

Two new releases!

We have two new releases at c( Two Cats one Cup )!

Northern Collar (mod/copy): This collar is non-rigged mesh, has 1 land impact, and comes with a scripted and unscripted version. The scripted version uses the base OpenCollar system (license and instructions included).

Belly Lies Beneath the Sword Brand (Bond maid brand): This brand comes in all possible clothing layers and includes a fresh brand texture as well as a scarred brand texture. Both are easily tintable to suit a variety of skins easily.

c( TC ) Northern Collar Poster
c( TC ) Northern Brand poster

TP to c( Two Cats One Cup )