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New release: Steampunk Flynn Goggles!

New release! Steampunk goggles with three leather variations. These are modifiable and unisex—advanced lighting recommended!

c( Two Cats One Cup )

c( TC ) Steampunk Flynn Goggles poster


c( TC ) Hanami Dango (poster)

Via Flickr:
This set comes with a tray full of dango, a non-scripted single dango, and both right- and left-handed attachable options. This is mesh with materials and requires a capable viewer. All items are mod/copy, so they’re easily adjustable for any size of avatar.

c( TC )

New release: c( TC ) Lattes!

Via Flickr:
Rezzable versions and attachable to either left or right hand. And it uses a nice sipping animation rather than the default SL animation that makes you DRINK EVERYTHING.

Available for this month’s Mes Brics a Bracs event!