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Free Pocky!

Free pocky in the c( Two Cats One Cup ) group in-world! To join copy this link, paste it into chat in Second Life, click it, and it will open the group window to join. Or just search groups for “two cats one cup.”

c( TC ) Fancy Pocky poster


c( TC ) Simple SciFi Skybox

Via Flickr:
I’ve been messing around with a few things lately, and one of the results is a skybox. This is my first successfully made mesh building. Here’s some info:

◈ 5 land impact, 1 mesh shape (including physics, so no hidden physics prims to move around)
◈ ~160 triangles (low poly)
◈ Optimized UV layout (one texture for the entire box)
◈ Walls, viewport, and glow bits are still separately tintable faces
◈ Built-in script to enable/disable viewport, and rez a starfield background
◈ Modifiable
◈ Proper physics–you can right click and sit on the steps and ledges and use your AO’s sit animations
◈ Free product! oMG spaceballs!