c( TC ) Simple SciFi Skybox

Via Flickr:
I’ve been messing around with a few things lately, and one of the results is a skybox. This is my first successfully made mesh building. Here’s some info:

◈ 5 land impact, 1 mesh shape (including physics, so no hidden physics prims to move around)
◈ ~160 triangles (low poly)
◈ Optimized UV layout (one texture for the entire box)
◈ Walls, viewport, and glow bits are still separately tintable faces
◈ Built-in script to enable/disable viewport, and rez a starfield background
◈ Modifiable
◈ Proper physics–you can right click and sit on the steps and ledges and use your AO’s sit animations
◈ Free product! oMG spaceballs!


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