New release!

Via Flickr:

New release from c( Two Cats One Cup )!

Rui & I are happy to announce that the first of the Final Fantasy Cosplay line has released!

Here’s what you get:

► Mesh Dress
► Mesh Arm Warmers
► Mesh Leg Warmers
► Clothing Layer Shrug
► Up & Down Hood Versions
► All Needed Alpha Layers & Alpha Textures

All Mesh is No Mod/No Trans/Copy
All Clothing Layers are Mod/Copy/No Trans
All Textures are No Trans/Copy/Mod

Comes in XXS/XS/S/M/L

Here’s the landmark to c( TC )! Remember to go upstairs after landing!

If you need to purchase it off of the MarketPlace you can find it here:…

♥ Ink & Rui
(Ingkeu Soonkyu & Sei Minuet)


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